Barbie si Lacul Lebedelor (Dublat in Romana)

Barbie si lacul lebedelor dublat in Romana

  Nume: Barbie si Lacul Lebedelor

Limba: Romana 
Durata: 80 Min.
Produs in: 2003

Descriere in Romana : Intraţi într-o lume de dragoste şi încântare. Barbie se trezeşte la viaţã în al treilea sãu film de animaţie, “Barbie în lacul lebedelor”. Având la bazã superba muzicã a lui Ceaikovski şi minunatul basm, Barbie joacã rolul lui Odette, tânara fiicã de brutar, care urmeazã un inorog în Pãdurea Fermecatã. Vrãjitorul cel rãu, Rothbart, care doreşte sã o îngenuncheze pe verişoara sa, Regina cea Bunã şi sã cucereascã Pãdurea, o transforma pe Odette într-o lebadã. Regina cea Bunã face astfel încât Odette e om noaptea şi lebãdã ziua. Odette aflã cã, deşi nu e persoana cea mai potrivitã pentru aceastã misiune, e destinul ei sã salveze Pãdurea Fermecatã de Rothbart. Dar cum poate o tânãrã fatã, înarmatã doar cu curaj, cinste şi inteligenţã, sã realizeze acest lucru, în timp ce tânãrul prinţ Daniel se îndrãgosteşte de ea? “Barbie în lacul lebedelor” combinã fantezia, baletul şi muzica de neuitat a lui Ceaikovski, în interpretarea Orchestrei Simfonice din Londra. Peter Martins, conducãtorul Baletului din New York, a coregrafiat minunatele scene de dans ale acestui balet spectaculos într-un mod cu totul inedit. “Barbie în lacul lebedelor” ne aratã cã fiecare dintre noi suntem mai curajosi decât credem.

Descriere in Engleza
The story is being told by Barbie to her sister, Kelly, who is feeling uneasy about being at camp overnight for the first time. She remembers the story while looking at constellations, being started on after finding Cygnus. The story begins with Odette dancing in her father's bakery. Odette feels happy because she knows how to dance a ballet dance which is to be very hard to handle or to be practiced. Her sister, Marie, is also shown as a fast horse rider. A unicorn named Lila arrives in the village and manages to escape hunters and runs into an Enchanted Forest with the curious Odette in pursuit. Lila becomes trapped, so Odette tries looking for something good enough to free the unicorn. She spots a magical crystal within the hollow of a nearby tree and takes it out. Little does she know that the crystal was meant for whoever removed it to defeat the evil wizard Rothbart.
The Fairy Queen, who was watching the scene, comes to Odette and tells her that she is the chosen one for purging the evil plaguing the forest, which is the Fairy Queen's cousin, Rothbart. Odette, not wanting to get mixed up in the situation, refuses. The Fairy Queen complies and sends Lila to escort her out of the forest. Suddenly, Rothbart appears in the woods with his daughter, Odile, and turns Odette into a swan. The Fairy Queen is able to partially reverse the effects of the spell, in which, Odette retains her human form by night, but during the day, she is forced to stay as a swan.
Odette also meets the other elves of the forest: Carlita, now a skunk, Ivan, a porcupine as well as a few others. Odette's father and sister, start searching for her, after noticing that Odette is missing. Prince Daniel, the prince living in the castle in Odette's village, is introduced. A spirited man, he prefers exploring rather than marriage, much to the dismay of his mother.
The Fairy Queen also gives Odette a crown with the crystal in it that will protect her from Rothbart. Odette is determined to find a solution to the problem and goes to a magical library to find it. However, they are unable to locate the book and Odette is disheartened. Rothbart lures Prince Daniel into the forest, determined to get him to hunt Odette. However, Daniel is captivated by the swan's beauty and decides to let it live. The two soon fall in love when he sees her true form. They dance gracefully and afterwards Odette transform into a swan.
Daniel asks Odette to a ball, but at first she denies until he finally convinces her to come. Soon, Erasmus-the troll in charge of the library- arrives, having found the book. He reveals to them that the solution is true love, which made everyone realize that Daniel can save them all. However, if Daniel falls for another girl, the magic crystal will lose its power. The Fairy Queen teaches Odette how to waltz at the ball but are interrupted when Erasmus is kidnapped. They manage to save him but Rothbart learns of what will be his downfall. So, under a spell, he makes Odile look like Odette in the eyes of Daniel.
Odette, in swan form, races to the castle to warn Daniel about the trick, but is unable to get inside. At the ball, Prince Daniel pledges his love to Odile, thinking her to be Odette, which caused Odette to fall to the ground, the crystal having lost its power and she is mortally weakened.
Rothbart reveals the truth and he and Odile escape. Daniel runs after them and the Fairy Queen attempts to revive Odette, who is barely alive. However, Rothbart turns her (the Fairy Queen) into a mouse and attempts to kill Odette and Daniel. The two fall onto each other, their hands intertwined.
At that moment, the crystal's power explodes outwards, stopping Rothbart, as they two were truly in love. The two awaken and all of Rothbart's evil is undone. At last, Odette and Prince Daniel confess their love for each other. Everyone from the village and the Enchanted forest celebrate. It is revealed that Odette and Daniel are to be married and are finally happy. Rothbart gets his just deserts as he is now a Cuckoo Clock while Odile is granted the more merciful but humilating fate of becoming a maid.
At the end, it is shown the story has given Kelly a new resolve and she promises she will participate in the race the following day. She yawns and heads off to bed, with Barbie smiling behind her.

Barbie si Lacul Lebedelor 2003 Desene Animate cu Barbie Online Dublate in Limba Romana HD Gratis 720p Barbie and Swan Lake

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