Barbie Mariposa (Dublat in Romana)

Barbie mariposa dublat in romana

 Nume: Barbie Mariposa

Durata: 75 Min.
Limba: Romana
Produs in: 2008

Barbie Mariposa Prietenii fluturi

Descriere in Romana : Mariposa este o zana careia ii place sa citeasca si sa viseze la lumea din Taramul Fluturilor, care este protejat de puterile magice ale Reginei. Dar dupa ce Regina este otravita de Henna, zana rea, puterile sale incep sa dispara una cate una. Acum totul depinde de Mariposa si de prietenii ei, care pornesc intr-o calatorie pentru a descoperi antidotul care o salveaza pe Regina.

Descriere in Engleza :  Bibble is worried that he will embarrass himself and won't belong with his friend's friends, so Elina (heroine of the Fairytopia films) tells him the story of Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who lives in far-off Flutterfield, a remote kingdom in Fairytopia populated by fairies with butterfly wings. Henna, the evil butterfly fairy and the attendant of the queen of Flutterfield, has poisoned the queen in an attempt to take over the kingdom. Due to this, the lights protecting Flutterfield are in danger of going out, as they go out only when the queen is dead. These lights protect Flutterfield from the "Skeezites", monsters who eat butterfly fairies,and are afraid of light. It is up to Mariposa and her friends/employers, Rayna and Rayla, to find an antidote to save the queen.
They first travel according to the map, but when night falls, they are far from Flutterfield, and the Skeezites appear. They engage in a long chase scene, but Mariposa, Rayna and Rayla escape through a gate of red plants. However, the map gets chomped by an Skeezite. Mariposa remembers that there was a sun picture on the map, and she concludes that they should travel east, as toward the rising sun.
They then arrive at the Wilderness, and encounter a little flying rabbit named Zinzie, who is a great thrower and loves fluttercorn, and leads them to a mermaid statue in exchange for a packet of fluttercorn. They end up all diving into a lake and find mermaids. Mariposa asks them to tell her the whereabouts of the Cave of Reflections, and the mermaids agree to help them, but they ask for one thing in exchange: Concho shells. However, little merbabies are sleeping and use these shells as pillows, and it is revealed that if you wake the baby, the baby cries and wakes a sea monster. Rayla finds a plant, and wraps it until it bears the shape of the conch shells. They gently swap the shells with the plant, but one of the babies is tickled on the nose by a little leaf that was not wrapped properly, and the baby wakes and starts crying. This wakes the other babies, who as well start crying, waking the sea monster. While Mariposa delivers the concho shells to the mermaids, Rayna, Zinzie and Rayla try to escape the sea monster by swimming in different directions. The mermaids help in the end, and they all escape the sea monster.
Meanwhile, Queen Marabella has fallen ill, and the guards captured the prince who was trying to find the antidote. The Queen's captain of the guards holds him in an conversation, and another fairy sought the prince and freed him. That fairy is Willa, Mariposa's best friend. She tells the prince that she has spotted Henna doing evil things. So they decide to follow her, and the two find out that she had taken control over Skeezites by mixing a strange liquid and thistleburst; moreover, they discover that Henna was plotting to take over Flutterfield all this time.
The mermaids tell the four braves where to find the Cave of Reflections, and they fly towards it eagerly, but find that the cave was guarded by Skeezites. Zinzie manages to trick the Skeezites, and the four escape into the cave. There, they find their reflections talking back to themselves. They finally meet the Fairy of the Cave, who leads the group to different sections, where she proclaims each time "one of you must stay behind". Mariposa was left as the last one, and the cave fairy guides her toward a place filled with stars. She tells that one star hold the antidote she needs. Mariposa eventually finds one (which was all by itself), in which she used the archer's star pattern to locate it. This hints that this was the correct star, and for that reason, Mariposa is presented with larger, more beautiful sparkling wings.
The four heroines arrive back just in time when the Skeezites start attacking everyone at the Royal fairy castle. Mariposa eventually discovers that it was Henna who poisoned the queen, so she races to cure her with the antidote. Henna tries stopping Mariposa from foiling her plans, but Mariposa eventually manages to heal Marabella before she dies. Henna leaves and goes away with the Skeezites under the pretense of not getting caught, thus fleeing from the light. After the big save, Queen Marabella presents each of the heroines with a crown of flowers. Since then, Mariposa felt she belonged, having learned that being herself is the best thing in life.

Barbie Mariposa si prietenii fluturi 2008 Desene Animate cu Barbie Online Dublate in Limba Romana HD Gratis 720p Barbie Mariposa

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