Barbie - Printesa si sarmana croitoreasa (Dublat in Romana)

Barbie printesa si sarmana croitoreasa dublat in romana

 Nume: Barbie - Printesa si sarmana croitoreasa

Durata: 80 Min.
Limba: Romana
Produs in : 2004

Barbie in Printesa si frumoasa croitoreasa(traducere)

Descriere in Romana : La primul ei muzical animat, cu şapte melodii originale, Barbie prinde viaţă în această repovestire modernă a clasicei false identităţi şi a puterii prieteniei. Având la bază povestea lui Mark Twain, Barbie în Prinţesa şi sărmana croitoreasă o prezintă pe Barbie în dublul rol al prinţesei şi al ţărăncuţei sărace, două fete ce seamănă ca două picături de apă!
Drumurile lor se încrucişează atunci când prinţesa Anneliese e răpită, iar Erika, sosia sa, trebuie să încerce s-o salveze. Se poate da Erika drept prinţesă pentru a scăpa de diabolicul Preminger? Şi ce va face regele Dominick, care se îndrăgosteşte de Erika crezând că e Anneliese?
În acest spectacol muzical magic, două fete frumoase îndrăznesc să-şi urmeze visele şi să descopere că destinul e scris într-un loc deosebit: în inimă!

Descriere in Engleza :  In an unnamed kingdom, a blonde princess and a brunette pauper are born simultaneously. The princess, Anneliese, craves freedom from her royal duties, especially when she is informed by her widowed mother, Queen Genevieve, that she must marry the wealthy king of a nearby kingdom because their royal treasury is nearly bankrupt. The Pauper, Erika, craves a different sort of freedom as she is an indentured servant at the Madam Carp's Dress Emporium to work off her parents' debt, but dreams of becoming a singer.
Unbeknownst to the royal family, the royal advisor Preminger has been having his minions Nick and Nack steal gold from the royal mines for some time. Preminger plans to announce his newfound wealth to Queen Genevieve, which he believes will allow him to marry Princess Anneliese. When Preminger learns that Queen Genevieve has approached King Dominick of Dulcimia to marry Anneliese, Preminger orders Nick and Nack to kidnap Anneliese, so that Preminger can stage his "rescuing" her, hoping that Queen Genevieve will give him Anneliese's hand in marriage.
Anneliese and her tutor, Julian, are in love with one another, though they are unaware of the other's feelings. To cheer her up, Julian decides to take Anneliese into town. The princess crosses paths with Erika and the girls are shocked to see how identical they are, the only differences between them being their hair colour and the crown-shaped birthmark on Anneliese's right shoulder. The girls become friends.
On the same night, Anneliese is kidnapped and a fake letter is left on her desk stating Anneliese "ran away" to avoid marrying King Dominick. Julian suspects she was kidnapped by Preminger, so he asks Erika to impersonate the princess until he can rescue the real Anneliese. Erika agrees to the temporary ruse, and surprises Preminger when she arrives to welcome King Dominick. Dominick and Erika fall in love, despite Erika's fear of being thrown into prison when revealed that she is an imposter.
Anneliese manages to escape from Preminger's men, but after a series of events ends up being recaptured by Preminger and thrown into the mines with Julian, who had been following Preminger. Upon returning to the castle, Preminger exposes Erika as a fraud and claims that she had conspired with Julian to kill and replace the real princess. Erika, unable to prove her good intentions, is locked away in a small cell by the queen. After convincing everyone that the princess is dead, Preminger persuades Queen Genevieve to marry him to save the kingdom. Erika manages to escape from her cell and bumps into Dominick, who reveals that he doesn't believe that Preminger is telling the truth. Elsewhere, Anneliese and Julian confess their love for each other and work together to escape the mines.
At the queen's wedding, Anneliese arrives in time to stop the marriage and reveals Preminger's deceit. After confessing to her mother that she loves Julian and does not wish to marry King Dominick, Anneliese presents to the queen a solution to the kingdom's gold shortage: the rocks discarded by the miners actually hold amethysts and the mine is full of them.
Dominick confesses his love for Erika and asks if she would marry him. Erika, freed from her debt to Madam Carp thanks to Anneliese, chooses not to accept marriage just yet so that she achieve her dream of singing all around the world. After several months, she realizes that the place she would really like to sing is among her friends, and returns to marry Dominick while Anneliese marries Julian in a double wedding.

Barbie Printesa si sarmana croitoreasa 2004 Desene Animate cu Barbie Online Dublate in Limba Romana HD Gratis 720p Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

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