Barbie si cele 12 printese dansatoare (in Romana)

 Nume: Barbie si cele 12 printese dansatoare

Limba: Romana
Durata: 80 Min.
 Produs in: 2006

Descriere in Romana : Prinţesa Geneviève, interpretată de Barbie, şi cele 11 surori ale sale locuiesc într-un regat în care domneşte buna dispoziţie şi dansul, până într-o zi când se mută la ele lacoma lor verişoară , iar din castel dispare bucuria care-l însufleţea.  
Zâmbetul revine pe chipul prinţeselor atunci când ele descoperă sub podeaua camerei lor o intrare secretă spre un tarâm magic.   Atunci când regele este în pericol, Prinţesa Geneviève, împreună cu surorile sale vor să facă tot posibilul ca să îşi salveze tatăl, precum şi întregul regat. Ele învaţă astfel că solidaritatea unei familii poate să învingă toate obstacolele.

Descriere in Engleza :  Barbie stars as Genevieve, a princess with eleven sisters: Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey. They live in a castle with their widowed father, King Randolph. The girls' adventurous and free-spirited natures are viewed as "unladylike" and "non-proper" by other members of the royal society, and this leads to king summoning his cousin, Duchess Rowena, to the castle to help raise them. Unknown to him, Rowena plans to poison the king and get rid of his daughters so that she can be queen. Attempting to break the girls' spirits, Rowena makes the princesses' lives miserable by stripping the castle of everything they love, as well as banishing dancing and singing from the castle.
The princesses find comfort in their late mother's (Queen Isabella) favorite story, which tells of a magical kingdom where gold flowers grant wishes and a princess could dance at an enchanted pavilion for three nights. The princesses figure out that the story contains clues on how to really enter the magical kingdom from their bedroom by dancing on specific stones on the floor. The princesses also discover the healing properties of the water in this kingdom.
The next day, the girls are tired and the duchess finds their new dancing shoes worn through, arousing her suspicions. The royal cobbler and Genevieve's love interest, Derek, comes to fix their shoes and sees that they are covered in gold dust. Genevieve asks Derek to find out what Rowena's true intentions are, especially since Randolph has mysteriously fallen ill. That night the princesses return to the magical kingdom to dance under the nose of Rowena's footman, Desmond, who is standing guard outside the princesses' room. During this time, Derek discovers that Rowena is stealing heirlooms from the castle and dealing with an apothecary and rushes back to the kingdom.
The next morning, the sisters are exhausted. Rowena interrogates and threatens them, but when they tell her the truth she refuses to believe them and forces them into servitude. Heartbroken, the princesses return to the magical kingdom, and Rowena finds the sisters gone the next morning. That evening, Derek makes it back to the castle but discovers that the princesses are missing. He sneaks into their bedroom and, remembering the dance Genevieve had shown him earlier, enters the magic realm and reports his findings to the girls. Rowena's monkey minion, Brutus, witnesses Derek entering the Realm and reports back to Rowena, who uses this knowledge to get in, steal some flowers that grant wishes, and then destroying the doorway behind her after she returns to the castle.
The princesses and Derek are trapped in the Magical Realm. They eventually figure out that when Genevieve and Derek dance together, everyone floats up into the sky and return home through a different gateway that leads to their mother's dance pavilion.
Once back, the sisters and Derek discover that Rowena is acting queen. The princesses break into the castle to confront Rowena, and after a struggle Rowena uses the flowers to wish for Genevieve to dance forever. But when the flower dust comes towards her, Genevieve produces her fan and blows it back at Rowena, who starts dancing instead. Desmond joins her while trying to help and the two villains dance their way out of the castle and the film.
It is revealed that Lacey has saved some water from the magical kingdom. She uses it, and thereby heals the dying king. Randolph explains that Rowena was poisoning him and apologizes to his daughters for not believing them. The film ends with everything made right as Genevieve and Derek celebrate their wedding.

Barbie si Craciunul perfect (in Romana)

Nume: Barbie si Craciunul perfect

Limba: Romana
Durata: 73 Min.
Produs in: 2011


Descriere in Romana : "Barbie: A Perfect Christmas" ne-o prezinta pe Barbie intr-o noua aventura. Aceasta impreuna cu surorile ei, Skipper, Stacie si Chelsea pleaca spre New York unde isi vor petrece sarbatorile de craciun. Din pacate pentru acestea vremea devine foarte rea si avionul e nevoit sa aterizeze intr-o cu totul alta destinatie. De acolo cele patru surori iau o masina insa se ratacesc pe drum si ajung la hanul "Pomul de craciun" unde pregatirile pentru Craciun sunt in toi. Cele patru inopteaza la han insa dimineata descopera ca zborurile avioanelor sunt in continuare anulate asa ca se distreaza cat pot de bine la han. Aici descopera ca angazatii pun in scena un spectacol si decid sa ajute. Skipper decide ca poate organiza totul insase dovedeste rapid ca are nevoie de ajutor, dupa ce cateii care ar trebui sa faca parte din program, distrug c-am tot ce gasesc incercand sa prinda o veverita. Chealsea dispare si celelalte trei surori tebuie sa o gaseasca si apoi sa se intoarca la petrecerea de craciun, petrecere care nu se stie cum va arata.

Descriere in Engleza : Join Barbie and her sisters, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea as their holiday vacation plans turn into a most unexpected adventure and heartwarming lesson. After a snow storm grounds their plane, the girls find themselves far from their New York City destination and their holiday dreams. Now stranded at a remote hotel in Rodchester, Minnesota, the sisters are welcomed by new friends and magical experiences. In appreciation for the wonderful hospitality they receive, Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea use their musical talents to put on a performance for the whole town. Barbie and her sisters realize the true joy of being together is what really makes  A Perfect Christmas

Barbie: Tinutul Mermaidia (in Romana)

Nume: Barbie: Tinutul Mermaidia

Limba: Romana
Durata: 70 Min.
Produs in: 2006

Barbie in Mermaidia (dublat ro)

Descriere in Romana : Urmeaz-o pe Elina in aventura sa sub apa in continuarea filmului Barbie in Fairytopia

In aceasta continuare a filmului Barbie in Fairytopia, Elina (interpretata de Barbie) merge in Mermaidia sa il salveze pe prietenul sau Nalu, printul merman. Nalu a fost rapit de sluga lui Laverna, al carui plan este sa se foloseasca de print pentru a face din Laverna cea mai puternica zana din Fairytopia - chiar mai puternica decat vrajitoarea. Numai Elina ar putea sa impiedice realizarea acestui plan dar ea nu poate face asta singura.

Ea are nevoie de ajutorul lui Nori, o sirena care nu are incredere in straini si care nu vrea sa aiba de-a face cu Elina. Sa castigi increderea lui Nori nu este un lucru usor, dar incercarea grea abia incepe. Pentru a-l salva pe Nalu, trebuie sa faca cel mai mare sacrificiu al vietii sale, sa-si piarda aripile.

Va putea ea sa faca acest sacrificiu, sau Fairytopia va cadea pentru totdeauna in mainile Lavernei?

Descriere in Engleza
In Barbie: Fairytopia, the wingless flower fairy Elina defeated Laverna, the evil sister of the Enchantress, and the Enchantress gave Elina wings as a reward. This film's plot begins shortly afterward with Elina flying through the air, still having trouble believing that she has wings. Soon, Elina learns from a young sea-butterfly fairy that her friend Nalu, the merman prince, has been kidnapped by several of Laverna’s Fungi at the Crystal Cove. The banished Laverna is seeking out the Immunity Berry, a berry that causes whoever eats it to be immune to all magic. Since Nalu knows how to find the berry, Laverna had sent her Fungi to force Nalu to lead them to the Immunity Berry.
Fungus Maximus, the leader of the Fungi, threatens to pour a bottle of magical poison into the ocean to destroy Mermaidia if Nalu does not lead them to the berry. Nalu reluctantly agrees, and the Fungi take him away with them underwater. Elina arrives at the Crystal Cove a short time after this, accompanied by her companion Bibble. She finds no trace of Nalu, but encounters a mermaid named Nori. Nori had planned to meet Nalu at the cove and is unaware of the reason for his absence. When Elina tells her of the kidnapping, Nori insists on going to rescue the prince herself. Elina uses magical seaweed to breathe underwater and follows. Meanwhile, Nalu has delayed the Fungi in their quest by leading them to a place in the ocean called the Carousel of Confusion, where people forget what they’re doing. This allows him to direct them in circles for a long time before Fungus Maximus finally catches on.

Elina soon reaches Mermaidia and finds Nori attempting to learn the location of the oracle Delphine so that she can ask her where to find Nalu. The only people who know Delphine's location are the merfairies, who are nearly impossible to speak with. After Elina helps Nori converse with the merfairies, they learn where Delphine is and both of them go to seek the oracle out. Delphine tells them that they will have to travel to the bottom of the Depths of Despair to find the Mirror of the Mist, which will lead them to Nalu. She also tells them that Elina will have to trade her wings for a tail to be able to swim strong enough to reach the mirror. Delphine gives Elina a magical pearl necklace that will allow her to make this trade. However, if Elina does not get out of the water in a certain amount of time, she will remain a mermaid forever.
Elina and Nori head to the Depths of Despair together, where Nori is soon entrapped by one of the hostile sea plants growing on the shaft’s walls. Elina cannot swim fast enough to rescue Nori, so she is forced to use the necklace to become a mermaid. She then frees Nori and they reach the Mirror of the Mist at the cavern in the bottom of the Depths of Despair. The mirror shows them an image of Nalu, and creates a magical bubble beacon for them to follow. They also find, what is called the crest of courage, has appeared on their arm from enduring the Depths of Despair. The bubble takes them to the entrance of a cave filled with boiling hot thermal vents. Nori carefully leads them through, and they find that beyond the vents lies a cavern filled with magical fruits, including one that reveals the eater’s true self. When Nori and Elina reach the surface, they see Nalu being guarded by two Fungi. While Bibble distracts them, the two mermaids free the prince.
Nalu is grateful to be rescued, but tells them that the Fungi leader has reached the cave where the Immunity Berry grows. The three battle with the Fungi to retrieve the berry that Fungus Maximus has picked. They succeed by secretly swapping the berry with a similar-looking substitute, but Elina does not make it out of the water in time, and is forever trapped in mermaid form. But upon Nori's suggestion, Elina then decides to risk eating one of the true-self berries herself in the hopes of restoring herself to fairy form. She succeeds, gaining wings even more spectacular than she'd had before. Nori and Nalu reveal their love for each other and Elina returns to Fairytopia.
Meanwhile, Laverna takes a bite from what she believes to be the Immunity Berry but it turns out to be the true-self berry and she turns into a toad.

Barbie si magia curcubeului (in Romana)

  Nume: Barbie si magia curcubeului

 Limba: Romana
Durata : 75 Min.
Produs in: 2007

Barbie Magia curcubeului
Descriere in Romana : Vino alaturi de Barbie, in rolul Elinei, in noua aventura din Fairytopia! Elina calatoreste cu prietenul ei cel pufos, Bibble, la Scoala Zanelor din maretul Palat de Cristal. Acolo, ea le intalneste pe celelalte zane ucenice, alege sa participe la Zborul de Primavara si in mod magic creeaza primul curcubeu al anotimpului. Dar cand rautacioasa Laverna incearca sa opreasca desfasurarea Zborului, amenintand sa cufunde timp de zece ani Fairytopia intr-o iarna aspra, Elina si prietenii sai trebuie sa invete ca “impreuna sunt puternici”. Dar sunt ei suficient de puternici incat sa o infranga pe Laverna si sa readuca curcubeul la viata?

Descriere in Engleza : Elina, a wingless flower fairy, and her puffball friend Bibble watch their fairy friend Dandelion fly with three pixies. The pixies make fun of Elina for having no wings, but Elina ignores their teasing. Dandelion, however, defends Elina by fluttering her wings so hard that the small pixies are blown away. They later come back to warn Dandelion and Elina to go home "where it's safe". This is so they don't get kidnapped by someone named Laverna (who is already rumored to have kidnapped a fairy named Topaz). Elina thinks that Laverna is a myth, but Dandelion is unsure so she goes home to ask her mother. Elina and Bibble go back to Peony, her flower home.
Elina talks to Bibble about what the pixies said, but she thinks Topaz is too powerful to get kidnapped, as she is a guardian. Bibble is asleep, and Elina is still feeling uneasy, but Peony plays a lullaby for her, and she falls asleep. However, Topaz really has been kidnapped by Laverna. Laverna plans to kidnap all of the guardians, and then take over Fairytopia. Laverna calls her minions, Fungus, who reveal Laverna's formula. It had the power to weaken every flying creature in Fairytopia if they breathed it in; they would become so weak they would lose the power to fly. As she speaks, Laverna's minions are in all seven regions of Fairytopia and unleashing the formula. She thinks no one can stop her, as she is the only one with an antidote. Her main plan is to give everyone the antidote, and then everyone will love her for it and let her be their queen.
In the morning, Bibble has to wake up Elina because Peony didn't sing to wake them up. Elina goes outside and sees that Peony, as well as all the other fairy homes, are sick. Dandelion comes to see Elina and tells her that some of the fairies are having trouble flying, and Topaz is gone; the closest guardian is Azura, and she is far away, in Fairytown. Elina thinks that she has to go to Fairytown to see Azura, but Dandelion doesn't think it is a good idea; Elina has never left the meadow before, and it takes hours to get to Fairytown, even if you have wings. Elina really thinks she can't actually get there, but Bibble and Dandelion volunteer to join her, and they leave the Magic Meadow.
The trio enter a spooky forest and Dandelion flies up high to see if she can see a way out. When she is higher up, she breathes in some of Laverna's formula and can't fly. Elina realizes that Dandelion is getting sick, and it would be too hard for Dandelion to walk like Elina, as Elina was used to walking. She urges Dandelion to go home before dark to avoid panicking her mother, so Dandelion leaves Elina and Bibble. Meanwhile, Laverna has kidnapped another guardian: Ruby. He remains loyal to the Enchantress, Laverna's sister, and the ruler of Fairytopia. Laverna shows Topaz and Ruby the state the Enchantress is in, and it turns out she is very weak because of the formula.
Elina and Bibble get out of the forest and encounter a new place where all of the flowers are wilting. Elina jumps up to one of the highest flowers to get a view of the horizon. Bibble flies in front of a flower that is like a tunnel, so they go inside it. At the end of the tunnel is the City Hall of Fairytown, but it is closed. They tells the man there that they need to see Azura but she is not there. A guardian named Larkspur comes and the man working in the city hall tells him that Ruby, and another guardian named Amethyst, have been kidnapped. He has to find Azura immediately, so Elina and Bibble take advantage of this and follow him.
Elina and Bibble grab onto a flower and it floats after Larkspur, but they crash. They see Azura's house, but it is surrounded by guards. Elina and Bibble hide in a flower, but Azura spots them and tells them to leave. Elina tells Azura that they came all the way from Fairytopia, so Azura tells Elina to come closer. She sees a rainbow in Elina's eye for a second, and is shocked. She invites Elina into her house, and gives her food and shelter. Azura tells Elina that the rainbow in her eyes means she is destined for great things. When Elina goes to bed, Azura tells her that all of Fairytopia is in trouble and it is down to Laverna. In the morning she will leave to speak to a dryad named Dahlia, who lives in the Wildering Wood. Azura asks Elina to take care of her necklace.
In the morning, Azura wakes up Bibble and asks him to find Hue, who lives in the south; he needs to be given an important scroll. After that, Azura is about to leave, but is kidnapped by Fungus. Elina looks outside when she wakes up and sees that the guards have been tied up. A stout fairy thinks Elina has caused the trouble, so Elina runs away and gets helped by Hue, who has large wings and carries Elina to the Wildering Wood.
In Laverna's lair, the Fungus arrive with Azura, and Laverna notices that Azura isn't wearing her necklace. The Fungus tell Laverna that wingless fairy had it. Laverna realizes that Elina wouldn't be affected by the formula, as she couldn't fly. All of the Fungus are ordered to find Elina. Meanwhile, Hue tells Elina that after a day they will be in the Wildering Wood. However, they encounter some of Laverna's firebirds. To escape them, Hue flies off a rainbow colored waterfall into a cove. Hue disturbs some relaxing mermaids when he flies too low, including Prince Nalu.
Prince Nalu yells at Hue but stops when he sees Elina. Hue insists that the firebirds won't come down as they hate water, but they do. Prince Nalu throws them some special seaweed that will let them breathe underwater, so they all eat some. They swim with Prince Nalu to safety and he points them to the Wildering Wood. The prince hopes he can see Elina again, leading to Bibble making fun of them. They get on Hue but he breathes in some of Laverna's formula and Elina orders him to land so he can rest. She asks Bibble to stay with Hue and she goes to find Dahlia by herself.
When Elina is by herself, she begins doubting herself and comparing herself to Azura, a great guardian. Some happy trolls appear who will lead Elina to Dahlia. They go a long way, but still only see sick trees. Azura's necklace starts glowing and it "calls" Dahlia. The happy trolls leave and Dahlia says she can't help Elina; she doesn't want to help the guardians as the last time she tried to help them, none of them believed she was good except for Azura, as she had been working with Laverna. Azura believed that Dahlia would know how to defeat Laverna because of this, but Dahlia doesn't want to risk herself for Fairytopia. Elina convinces her otherwise and they go back to Hue and Bibble. Hue and Bibble insist on coming with Elina and Dahlia and they start to go after Laverna.
In Laverna's lair, she has all the guardians kidnapped. Laverna places a crystal in her throne and the guardian's necklaces feel the presence of Azura's necklace, which is with Elina. Laverna knows she is near, so she orders the Fungus to get her. Dahlia tells Elina that, when she had left Laverna, Laverna had created a device that used the strength of her royal bloodline to suck the powers from the fairy guardian's necklaces, and transfer them to herself. She doesn't know how it works, but she knew that the "union point" would be the weakness.
The group arrives at Laverna's lair, and they can't go in the air because of the firebirds. Their plan is to go in and find the union point, but Elina wants to go by herself as she has Azura's necklace. While Elina is running over to the lair, she almost gets caught by the Fungus, but Hue flies in with Dahlia to distract them. When Bibble tries to distract them he is captured. Elina makes it to the lair, and Dahlia, Bibble, and Hue have been brought to Laverna by the Fungus. When the Fungus leave, Elina finds them and tells Laverna to let them go. Laverna will only let them go if Elina gives her the necklace, but she refuses. Laverna sees the rainbow in Elina's eye, and tells her she could have wings if she went to Laverna's side.
With the wings Laverna gave her, Elina becomes brainwashed. Laverna tells Elina that, together, they can have what they want; Laverna will rule Fairytopia, and Elina will have wings, with everything in her world as she remembered it. Laverna tells Elina to put Azura's necklace around Azura's neck, and Elina will get everything she's ever wanted. The guardians' necklaces make them lose their powers and they start transferring to Laverna. Elina puts the necklace on Azura and snaps out of her brainwashed mindset, and sees that the union point is where the crystal is. She takes the necklace off Azura and throws it at the crystal, breaking it. The guardians get their powers back. Laverna, her throne, and her sceptre disappear. The guardians are safe.
Back in the Magic Meadow, the pixies are flying again, and everyone is glad to see Elina. Hue comes to see Elina, and so does the Enchantress. She thanks Elina and her friends for saving everyone, and says that Elina has earned a great gift. The Enchantress gives Elina a rainbow colored necklace and flies away. The necklace begins to glow and Elina gets beautiful, pink wings. She flies with her own wings for the first time, and Elina, Dandelion, Hue and Bibble fly together.

Barbie si Lacul Lebedelor (in Romana)

  Nume: Barbie si Lacul Lebedelor

Limba: Romana 
Durata: 80 Min.
Produs in: 2003

Barbie Lacul lebedelor

Descriere in Romana : Intraţi într-o lume de dragoste şi încântare. Barbie se trezeşte la viaţã în al treilea sãu film de animaţie, “Barbie în lacul lebedelor”. Având la bazã superba muzicã a lui Ceaikovski şi minunatul basm, Barbie joacã rolul lui Odette, tânara fiicã de brutar, care urmeazã un inorog în Pãdurea Fermecatã. Vrãjitorul cel rãu, Rothbart, care doreşte sã o îngenuncheze pe verişoara sa, Regina cea Bunã şi sã cucereascã Pãdurea, o transforma pe Odette într-o lebadã. Regina cea Bunã face astfel încât Odette e om noaptea şi lebãdã ziua. Odette aflã cã, deşi nu e persoana cea mai potrivitã pentru aceastã misiune, e destinul ei sã salveze Pãdurea Fermecatã de Rothbart. Dar cum poate o tânãrã fatã, înarmatã doar cu curaj, cinste şi inteligenţã, sã realizeze acest lucru, în timp ce tânãrul prinţ Daniel se îndrãgosteşte de ea? “Barbie în lacul lebedelor” combinã fantezia, baletul şi muzica de neuitat a lui Ceaikovski, în interpretarea Orchestrei Simfonice din Londra. Peter Martins, conducãtorul Baletului din New York, a coregrafiat minunatele scene de dans ale acestui balet spectaculos într-un mod cu totul inedit. “Barbie în lacul lebedelor” ne aratã cã fiecare dintre noi suntem mai curajosi decât credem.

Descriere in Engleza
The story is being told by Barbie to her sister, Kelly, who is feeling uneasy about being at camp overnight for the first time. She remembers the story while looking at constellations, being started on after finding Cygnus. The story begins with Odette dancing in her father's bakery. Odette feels happy because she knows how to dance a ballet dance which is to be very hard to handle or to be practiced. Her sister, Marie, is also shown as a fast horse rider. A unicorn named Lila arrives in the village and manages to escape hunters and runs into an Enchanted Forest with the curious Odette in pursuit. Lila becomes trapped, so Odette tries looking for something good enough to free the unicorn. She spots a magical crystal within the hollow of a nearby tree and takes it out. Little does she know that the crystal was meant for whoever removed it to defeat the evil wizard Rothbart.
The Fairy Queen, who was watching the scene, comes to Odette and tells her that she is the chosen one for purging the evil plaguing the forest, which is the Fairy Queen's cousin, Rothbart. Odette, not wanting to get mixed up in the situation, refuses. The Fairy Queen complies and sends Lila to escort her out of the forest. Suddenly, Rothbart appears in the woods with his daughter, Odile, and turns Odette into a swan. The Fairy Queen is able to partially reverse the effects of the spell, in which, Odette retains her human form by night, but during the day, she is forced to stay as a swan.
Odette also meets the other elves of the forest: Carlita, now a skunk, Ivan, a porcupine as well as a few others. Odette's father and sister, start searching for her, after noticing that Odette is missing. Prince Daniel, the prince living in the castle in Odette's village, is introduced. A spirited man, he prefers exploring rather than marriage, much to the dismay of his mother.
The Fairy Queen also gives Odette a crown with the crystal in it that will protect her from Rothbart. Odette is determined to find a solution to the problem and goes to a magical library to find it. However, they are unable to locate the book and Odette is disheartened. Rothbart lures Prince Daniel into the forest, determined to get him to hunt Odette. However, Daniel is captivated by the swan's beauty and decides to let it live. The two soon fall in love when he sees her true form. They dance gracefully and afterwards Odette transform into a swan.
Daniel asks Odette to a ball, but at first she denies until he finally convinces her to come. Soon, Erasmus-the troll in charge of the library- arrives, having found the book. He reveals to them that the solution is true love, which made everyone realize that Daniel can save them all. However, if Daniel falls for another girl, the magic crystal will lose its power. The Fairy Queen teaches Odette how to waltz at the ball but are interrupted when Erasmus is kidnapped. They manage to save him but Rothbart learns of what will be his downfall. So, under a spell, he makes Odile look like Odette in the eyes of Daniel.
Odette, in swan form, races to the castle to warn Daniel about the trick, but is unable to get inside. At the ball, Prince Daniel pledges his love to Odile, thinking her to be Odette, which caused Odette to fall to the ground, the crystal having lost its power and she is mortally weakened.
Rothbart reveals the truth and he and Odile escape. Daniel runs after them and the Fairy Queen attempts to revive Odette, who is barely alive. However, Rothbart turns her (the Fairy Queen) into a mouse and attempts to kill Odette and Daniel. The two fall onto each other, their hands intertwined.
At that moment, the crystal's power explodes outwards, stopping Rothbart, as they two were truly in love. The two awaken and all of Rothbart's evil is undone. At last, Odette and Prince Daniel confess their love for each other. Everyone from the village and the Enchanted forest celebrate. It is revealed that Odette and Daniel are to be married and are finally happy. Rothbart gets his just deserts as he is now a Cuckoo Clock while Odile is granted the more merciful but humilating fate of becoming a maid.
At the end, it is shown the story has given Kelly a new resolve and she promises she will participate in the race the following day. She yawns and heads off to bed, with Barbie smiling behind her.

Barbie printesa insulei magice (in Romana)

  Nume: Barbie printesa insulei magice

Limba: Romana
 Durata: 85 min.
 Produs in: 2007

Descriere in Romana : E timpul sa navigati impreuna cu Barbie in Printesa Insulei Magice, in acest film nou, plin de melodii noi.

Dupa ce a naufragiat pe o insula pe cand era inca o fetita, Rosella (Barbie) creste si invata sa cante impreuna cu o incantatoare familie de animale:
Sagi, un panda rosu, Azul paunul si puiul de elefant Tika. Dar cand printul Antonio descopera paradisul din insula lor, curiozitatea despre trecutul lui Rosella, face ca aceasta sa calatoreasca impreuna cu printul catre castelul lui.
In timp ce ea impreuna cu animalele exploreaza civilizatia, descopera un complot groaznic pus la cale pentru a prelua regatul.

Prin sfarsitul care iti ingheata inima, BARBIE in Printesa Insulei Magice va arata ca atunci cand sunteti ghidati de dragoste, se pot intampla miracole mai aproape decat va inchipuiti.

Descriere in Engleza :
After a violent storm, Sagi, a wise red panda and Azul, a flamboyant peacock discover that a six-year-old girl has been shipwrecked on their island. They and a baby elephant named Tika, decide to help her. Over time, she learns to talk to animals, but fails to remember anything about her past before the shipwreck, including her name after Ro. Her only clues are a battered trunk with a broken nameplate (Ro) and a shredded flag with a white rose.
Ten years later, a handsome prince named Antonio discovers Ro's island. She saves his life when crocodiles attack him and his friend Frazer. Grateful for her help, Antonio asks Ro if she would like to return with him to his kingdom, Apollonia. Hoping to discover her past, Ro agrees as long as her animal family can come. During the voyage back, Ro and Antonio begin to fall in love.
When they return, Antonio introduces Ro to his parents, King Peter and Queen Danielle as well as Antonio's younger sisters; the triplets Rita, Gina and Sofia. While the little girls immediately love Ro and her animals, Danielle is unsure what to think about Ro while Peter doesn't approve of her at all. The king becomes even more disturbed by his son's obvious affection towards the "uncivilized island girl". Ro does, however, succeed in earning the friendship of Danielle’s pet monkey, Tallulah.
Peter is determined to have his adventurous son settle down and marry. While away, he arranged for Antonio to wed Luciana, a princess from a neighboring kingdom. Like the prince, Luciana doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love, but is forced to be a puppet in her mother’s schemes. Unknown to all, Queen Ariana (Luciana’s mother) is plotting to kill Antonio's family at the wedding and overthrow their kingdom, although Luciana is not wanting to help her mother, as she is much too kind and also befriends Ro. Queen Ariana's motive is revenge for her parents, who were banished and reduced to pig farmers for the attempted murder of Antonio's parents years ago. The queen sees Ro as a threat to her plans and quickly plots to dispose of her.
Over the next few days, Ro repeatedly tries to please Antonio's parents, but due to Ariana's interference, they all end in disaster, which further increases Peter's dislike of her. By now, Ro feels like she doesn't belong in Apollonia and thinks about returning to her island, but her love for Antonio and determination to find out about herself convinces her to stay.
Trying to cheer her up, Ro’s animals and Tallulah help her dress for Antonio and Luciana's engagement party. Thanks to their efforts, Ro arrives in a stunning gown while her grace leaves all the guests impressed, including Peter.
When Antonio confesses to Ro that he loves her, Ro reminds him of his pledge to Luciana. After a dance together, she leaves and spots a carriage outside the castle bearing the same design as the flag found back on the island. The carriage's horse tells Ro that the flag belongs to another neighboring kingdom called Paladia, but the duke and duchess (the carriage's owners) only had sons; no daughters.
Fed up with his father's attempts to push him into marriage, Antonio writes a note for Ro, saying that he wants to run away with her instead of marrying Luciana. Tika witnesses this and decides to hide the note from Ro, fearing that Ro will leave her.
As part of her plan to get rid of Ro, Ariana has her three pet rats put a deadly sleeping herb called “sunset herb” into the food of all the animals in the kingdom. The next day, animals all over the kingdom are unable to wake up, and Ro is blamed for the epidemic. Peter has Ro locked away in the dungeon, and during that time, the "Prisoner food" that Azul eats also contains the Sunset Herb, and he too falls into a deep sleep. When Antonio begs for her release, Peter makes his son a deal, if he marries Luciana, Ro will be freed.
Ro is banished from Apollonia and placed on a boat that will take her back to her island. On the journey, Tika confesses how she hid Antonio's note, and Ro forgives her. The entire group are then thrown overboard, as Ariana had paid a man to sabotage the boat. When Ro almost drowns and Sagi attempts to come for her, her memory is triggered of how she was lost at sea as a child, and of a man yelling her real name: "Rosella". Ro manages to call dolphins for help just in time, and they bring the group back to shore.
As Antonio and Luciana's wedding starts, Ariana sneaks some of the sunset herb into the wedding cake, with a little bird witnessing it. Ro arrives and quickly starts to make a rose tonic antidote for the poison. That's when the bird comes to her and tells her that Ariana poisoned the wedding cake as well. She almost completes her task when the king's guards discover her. Sagi escapes and takes the antidote to Tallulah, who has been poisoned as well. One of the guards chase after him, but Tika takes him down. The other guard is about to lead Ro back to the dungeons.
Hearing about the commotion from Tika, who enters the wedding room just as it is about to start, Antonio, Luciana, Antonio's parents, Ariana and their guests hurry to the greenhouse, disrupting the wedding. Antonio is ecstatic to see Ro again, while Peter demands that she be thrown in prison for daring to return. She tries to explain the animals have really been poisoned and that she can cure them. The king is hesitant at first, but then a cured Tallulah appears with Sagi, showing that Ro is telling the truth. Ro then exposes Ariana's plot to everyone. Ariana denies it, but a shocked Luciana confirms Ro's story by saying that her mother had told her not to eat any wedding food. Exposed, Ariana tries to make a getaway in the wedding carriage, but after a long chase scene, is eventually stopped and captured by falling into the pigs' pen, which is her only fear from her past.
Peter apologizes to Ro and his son. He gives the couple his blessing and embraces Ro. She tells the royal family that her real name is Rosella. A guest behind them, Queen Marissa from Paladia, overhears Ro and comes forward. She tells them that she had a daughter named Rosella. Ro pauses and then starts to sing a lullaby she knew since she was little. Marissa joins in to complete the song, realizing that Ro is indeed her long-lost daughter and that Rosella is princess of Paladia. Antonio, his parents and Rosella's animal friends (Including the now awake Azul) watch as the reunited mother and daughter embrace. Rosella and Antonio are promptly married. Luciana also attends the wedding and meets a handsome young prince. The happy couple (Rosella and Antonio) wave goodbye to everyone as they set sail on a honeymoon voyage with Sagi, Azul, Tika and Tallulah in tow.

Barbie Thumbelina (in limba Romana)

  Nume:Barbie Thumbelina/ Barbie Degetica

Limba : Romana
Durata: 70 Min.
Produs in : 2009

Descriere in Romana : Thumbelina, si anume varianta tradusa in limba romana fiind Degetica, a fost o poveste publicata de catre autorul Hans Christian Andersen in anul 1835, iar acum in anul 2009 s-a publicat primul desen animat care infatiseaza intreaga actiune a desenelor cu Thumbelina. Ei bine, Thumbelina este o printesa mica care se pare ca s-a indragostit de o floare de dimensiunea ei, iar acum incearca sa se casatoreasca, iar noi vom asista la intreaga aventura a acesteia. Tommelise pe numele ei real a luat nastere in momentul in care o femeie batrana nu mai avea ce manca si s-a hotarat sa ii dea primului om care ii iese in cale un pumn de seminte astfel incat sa primeasca in schimbul acelui pumn ceva de mancare. Dupa ce stapanul a semanat acea boaba a rasarit aceasta fata frumoasa la fel ca o floare. Intr-o seara mama unui broscoi vine la ea pe furis si incearca sa o convinga pe frumoasa printesa barbi Tommelise sa se casatoreasca cu fiului sau, un broscoi care este inca in adolescenta. Ajutata de un peste si de un fluture Thumbelina reuseste sa scape, insa nu ajungea prea departe si se intalneste cu un gandac cerb care desi nu o prea adora hotarasc sa o primeasca langa ea astfel incat vine iarna si aceasta nu ar avea unde sa se adaposteasca de frigul necrutator. In cele din urma Thumbelina, Degetica, barbi cea mica ca un deget ajunge in grija unui soricel care de asemenea are un bun prieten, si anume o alunita cu care vrea sa se casatoreasca aceasta mica zana, insa din pacate Thumbelina ede alunita drept o persoana nepotrivita pentru o casatorie. Intr-o seara aceasta hotaraste sa mearga alaturi de o randunica in zbor spre un camp de flori unde da peste o faptura asemanatoare ca ea, insa este un barbat de inaltimea ei, la fel de dragut ca ea, dar in schimb acesta are o pereche de aripi cu care poate sa zboare. Thumbelina l-a gasit pe acest baiat deosebit de frumos si de atragator astfel incat in momentul in care este ceruta in casatorie nu sta pe ganduri si se casatoresc numaidecat. Thumbelina si anume Degetica noastra primeste in dar o pereche de aripi cu care poate sa zboare alaturi de printul ei peste mari si zari pentru a fi fericiti pana la adanci batraneti, insa nu inainte ca Thumbelina sa isi schimbe numele in Maia pentru a nu fi recunoscuta de toate celelalte insecte si creaturi cu care s-a intalnit.

Descriere in Engleza : The story opens with Barbie and kindergarten students walking in a big meadow, ready to plant trees. Emma, one of the children, finds a small tree and decides to plant it, but her friends laugh at her because of it, making her sad. However, Barbie cheers her up by telling her that a small tree can grow into a very big tree. Then Barbie tells the children about Thumbelina.
Thumbelina is one of the Twillerbees. Twillerbees have the ability to make plants grow faster (and as revealed later on, they can grow plants out of nowhere as well). Thumbelina is excited when there will be Twillerbabies. She creates fake wings for herself and for her two friends, Janessa and Chrysella. They will use the wings to see the Twillerbuds bloom to be Twillerbabies. When they try the wings, suddenly many tractors come to their field. Hiding in the flowers, the trio are trapped. They are brought into an apartment they never knew before.
The apartment belongs to the parents of a spoiled, wealthy girl, named Makena. The flower bed is placed in Makena's bedroom. As Thumbelina, Chrysella, and Janessa search for a way to go back to their field, Makena's dog Poofles run after them. Makena comes into the bedroom while the trio hides. Makena talks to her friend Violet from a cellular phone about her parents who will build a factory on the Twillerbees field.
An upset Thumbelina scolds Makena, who is surprised, yet happy to find an interesting thing to be demonstrated to Violet. She always competes against Violet. The three Twillerbees try to escape from Makena and Poofles.
Finally, Thumbelina sends Chrysella and Janessa home. They will disturb the work in the field while Thumbelina will talk to Makena. Thumbelina makes Makena promise not to tell anyone about her and Makena must persuade her parents to stop building the factory. Thumbelina will make special things for Makena in return.
At first, Makena does not talk seriously to her parents about it. She even wants to break her promise to Thumbelina when she invites Violet and Ashlynn. She wants them to see the thing everyone in the universe cannot have which is Thumbelina. Thumbelina becomes angry at Makena and leaves the apartment, just before Makena realizes that Violet and Ashlyn are not her true friends, Thumbelina is her true friend.
Makena goes to the field and asks for Thumbelina's forgiveness. She also wants to save the field desperately and earnestly. Thumbelina, forgiving her, shows Makena the other Twillerbees and the Twillerbuds.
That night, Makena, Thumbelina, Janessa, Chrysella, Poofles, and Lola the bird works hard in the green house to grow the plants. The next day, Makena asks her parents to stop the building, and Thumbelina shows herself. Thumbelina explains to them about the Twillerbuds that will bloom soon. Evan and Vanessa, Makena's parents, are convinced and try to stop Myron, the contractor, from destroying the field.
With the help of birds and other Twillerbees, Myron's workers run away, thinking that the field is haunted, But Myron is angry and determined to finish his work as he hates flowers. Ultimately, Makena and Thumbelina arrive and they stop Myron. Immediately, Evan and Vanessa arrive at the field to have the factory project shut down. A team of birds chase Myron away, and Makena and her family see the Twillerbuds bloom.
To prevent others from building factories in the field, they turn the field into a Reserved Park.
In the end of the story, it shows that Barbie and the children are in Makena's Reserved Park. Barbie says that even the smallest person can make a big difference. Makena is small, compared to the adults. And so are the children.
The strange thing in the story is that Thumbelina, Janessa, and Chrysella who are in the story, suddenly appear, sitting in the tree. Barbie waves her hand at them. The trio then use their Twillerbee magic to make Emma's tree grow, meaning the story was true after all.

Barbie si basmul modei pariziene (Subtitrat in Romana)

Nume: Barbie si basmul modei parizien 

Limba: Romana
Durata: 82 Min.
Produs in: 2010

Descriere in Romana : "Barbie: A Fashon Farytale" ne prezinta o noua aventura a lui Barbie. Aceasta tocmai a fost concediata de un regizor si cand credea ca nu se poate mai rau Ken se desparte de ea. Fiind cu moralul la pamant Barbie se hotaraste sa plece intr-o vacanta la Paris pentru a-si vizita matusa. O data ajunsa acolo descopera ca matusa sa Millicent a fost nevoita sa-si vanda casa de moda. Barbie impreuna cu Alice, asistenta lui Millicent se plimba prin casa de moda cand descopera un culap magic din care apar 3 zane micute: Shyne, Shimmer, Glimmer. Acestea trei sunt de fapt "flerute" care ii ajuta pe designeri sa-si transforme hainele in creatii extraordinare. Cele cinci se decid sa creeze o noua colectie pentru a salva casa de moda. In tot acest timp Ken descopera neintelegerea produsa si se hotaraste sa-i demonstreze lui Barbie cat de mult o iubeste mergand la Paris dupa ea, insa pe drum apar tot felul de mici obstacole care il vor intarzia. Oricum nici lui Barbie nu ii va fi mai usor in salvarea casei de moda.

 Descriere in Engleza : The movie starts with Barbie in filming a movie called "The Princess and The Pea", but is later fired when the director angrily disliked the idea of her opinion. After finding out that he put her reputation in shambles, she later receives a phone call from Ken, which says that he wants to break up with her immediately. Barbie doesn't know that her arch-rival, Raquelle, tricked Ken into saying this while practicing a fake script she gave him. Advised by her best friends, Teresa and Grace, to get away for a while, Barbie goes to Paris to visit Aunt Millicent's. After realizing what really happened with him and barbie, Ken goes to Paris to make a grand gesture and show Barbie he loves her; through his journey, he encounters many problems before getting to her. With her new friend, Marie-Alice, Barbie meets the wingless but magical beings called flairies, who have the power to add sparkle to any outfit. A rival designer, Jacqueline, jealous of the popularity of Millicent's, wants the fashion house all to herself, so therefore put it into foreclosure to become a hot dog restaurant. To save Aunt Millicent`s shop, which is also the source of the flairies' powers, Barbie and company set up and host a fashion show. During the show, a lady orders ten-thousand pieces from the fashion line, and Millicent is able to buy the fashion house back, and Glimmer, who always struggled with her powers, finally manifests her powers and transforms Barbie's final outfit into a large, glittering three-tiered rose pink gown. Better yet, Ken arrives and tells Barbie he never meant to break up with her (and that just was a setup by Raquelle), and what is more, that he loves her. Lilliana Roxelle, Paris's top fashion critic, congratulates them on a spectacular show and invites them to her Pink, White, and Black party that night. Jacqueline finally appreciates their work and also apologizes to everybody for all the trouble she brought to them and promises to change. Glimmer harnesses her magic a second time and transforms the limousines into beautiful stagecoaches. The film ends after the director of "The Princess and the Pea" rehires Barbie.

Barbie la scoala printeselor (Dublat in Romana)

Nume: Barbie la scoala Printeselor

Limba: Romana
Durata: 77 Min. 
Produs in: 2011
Descriere in Romana : "Barbie: princess charm school" este povestea lui Blair o tanara ce lucreaza ca si chelnerita intr-o cafenea pentru a-si ajuta mama bolnava si sora mai mica. Intr-o zi cand se intoarce acasa o gaseste pe sora sa uitanduse la televizor la extragerea unei loterii ce va da sansa unei fete obisnuite sa participe la scoala pentru printese. Chiar in acel moment este extras castigatorul care se dovedeste a fi chiar Blair. Aceasta a fost inscrisa in competitie de sora ei mai mica.

  O data ajunsa la scoala Blair are mici dificulta in a se acomoda, viata fiindui facuta dificila si de Delancy, fiica lui Dame Devin conducatoarea regatului in care traieste Blair. Delancy va deveni regina regatului atunci cand va absolvi scoala. Dintr-un anumit motiv Dame Devin tot incearca sa o faca pe Blair se renunte la scoala, insa ajutata de prietenele ei si de Miss Privet, directoarea scolii, aceasta nu renunta. Blaire descopera intr-o zi ca sa-r putea sa fie mostenitoarea de drept a coroanei. Acest lucru se datoreaza asemanarii sale cu sora lui Dame Devin, adevarata regina moarta intr-un accident de masina. Acum Blair trebuie sa descopere adevarul pana nu e prea tarziu.

 Descriere in Engleza :
Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a young girl who lives within the kingdom of Gardenia with her sickly mother and younger sister, Emily, while working vigorously as a waitress in order to help better support them.
Upon returning home from a yet another long day of work at the "Cafe Gardenia," Emily is watching the annual "Princess Procession" on TV, which involves princesses from many other kingdoms coming to enroll at the original Princess Charm School (a magical, modern place which teaches dancing, how to have tea parties, and general, proper princess etiquette) in order to learn their full potential. In addition, each semester one commoner is also allowed enrollment if she wins the "lottery" that awards her a full scholarship, as well as the chance to become a "Lady Royal," a princess's most trusted adviser.
On the TV, Blair, Emily and their mother, who later joins them, watch as the lottery winner is picked as Blair. Absolutely stunned by this, Blair then learns from her little sister that the reason her name had been drawn was due to the fact that Emily had secretly entered her Blair's name many times per day. Initially, Blair doesn't wish to leave her responsibilities to her family behind, but her mother, who sees it as a good opportunity for her daughter (and, in turn, inevitably for their family, as well), manages to convince her. Blair parts ways with her family and leaves to go the school within a carriage driven by a man named Brock, who is an employee working there.
At the school, Blair is greeted by a large Golden Retriever named Prince, which curiously takes an immediate liking to her. The Headmistress of the school, Alexandra Privet, finding Blair on the floor with Prince (who had previously toppled her over as a result of their meeting) then takes her to her locker, and explains things about the school along the way. Blair, at her locker, is suddenly met by a fairy named Grace. She turns out to be Blair's assigned, personal princess assistant, as every student within attendance at the charm school possesses, as well.
Blair uses her magically-infused locker to change into her school uniform, and then Grace takes her to her dorm room in order to get settled in. There, Blair meets her new roommates (both of whom are princesses): Isla (an at times timid girl, although talented musician) and Hadley (an outgoing and tomboyish, star athlete). She also meets their sprite assistants, Caprice and Harmony.
After their brief introductions have been made, a sudden announcement is heard from Miss Privet, stating that every student is to now head over to the Starlight Welcome immediately, in order to receive their training crowns. At the welcome ceremony, Miss Privet explains that they will get real crowns once they have successfully completed the semester with high expectations. Another teacher of the school, Dame Devin, then announces that she will soon quit her job of instructing at the Princess Charm School after her daughter, Delancy (who is also attending the school) becomes the new princess of Gardenia at the end of the semester. She goes on to explain that both she and her daughter have lived at the royal palace since the time of her sister-in-law, Queen Isabella, and her family's death within a car crash many years ago. Isla and Hadley, seated with the rest of their fellow students, then quietly discuss with Blair a well known legend which states that not everyone from the Royal Family had died.
After the ceremony, each student has a curtsying class before dismissal for the evening, and Blair gets distracted by Hadley and Isla's continued tale and bumps into Delancy, who seems to have already developed quite a strong dislike for Blair, and openly expresses her disdain over the school's lottery system of allowing commoners to enroll. Isla and Hadley comfort Blair, telling her that they are positive that Blair can do anything Delancy can do.
The next day, Blair's momentary confident instantly becomes unraveled upon witnessing Delancy being able to walk about with a very large stack of books on her head without any sort of difficulty during one of their lessons, when she, herself, can't even balance one. Many of the other girls, however, do have a few problems, themselves, but Dame Devin, the lesson's instructor, seems more keen upon singling Blair out the most. However, upon getting a better view of Blair's face, Dame Devin becomes immediately, and curiously shocked. She then ruthlessly tells her to get out of her class and states that she doesn't belong at such an establishment.
Later on, at lunch, Delancy inspired by her mother's viciousness, makes her sprite assistant, Wickellia, secretly tuck a piece of tablecloth into Blair's skirt while she, Isla, and Hadley unknowingly continue on within their meals. As a result, Blair ends up being further embarrassed with herself when she unexpectedly drags each girl's trays clear off of the table upon standing.
Back within their dorm room, Isla and Hadley try to cheer up Blair by telling her that Dame Devin, herself, was once a lottery winner, as well. However, none of the princesses at the time had selected her to be their Lady Royal, not even Queen Isabella.
Afterwards, a knock upon their door is heard, and Hadley goes to open it, revealing a struggling Grace holding onto a large care package addressed to Blair, from her sister Emily. Inside are various letters and other items, including a drawing of a baby Blair being left on their mother's doorstep. Blair explains to her curious friends that she is adopted, and so too, is Emily, and that the drawing is in reference to a tale which is favorite of Emily's (told to her by their mother), in that Blair had suddenly been found upon their mother's doorstep when Blair was one-year-old. Miss Privet, who arrives at the girls' dorm room in order to tell Blair a bit of bad news regarding her continued enrollment, then stops herself from doing so upon unintentionally eavesdropping.
The following day, this time at a ballroom dancing class, Blair continually manages to step onto the toes of Delancy's friend, Portia, who is Blair's dance partner. As a result, Blair is kept behind after class by Miss Privet, who had been the instructor. Now alone, she tells Blair that Dame Devin wanted her to be expelled, a desire which had almost been granted; however, Miss Privet admits to Blair that she is aware of her personal reasons for wanting to become a Lady Royal (which is solely to better support her family), and so decides to tutor her, herself. She goes on to explain to Blair that each lesson her students learn simply isn't for superficial reasons, but rather to instill a better sense of character and confidence within each of girl.
As wintertime arrives, the charm school students are one day joined by the young men from the "Prince Charming School" (the male counterpart to their own establishment) for one of their dance classes. Blair inevitably gets partnered with a young prince-to-be named Nicholas, who appears to be every bit as down to earth and friendly as she. As a result, the two seem to hit it off, as they share various jokes with one another while dancing. Jealous, as she had been hoping to dance with Nicholas, herself, Delancy trips Blair in order to once again humiliate her; however, Nicholas helps Blair quickly recover, as the two lead the overall group (sans Delancy). When they are done, the men leave, much to the regret of the women, but Miss Privet assures them that they will again return in order to attend the dual graduation ceremony, and coronation of Delancy as the princess of Gardenia at the end of the semester.
Springtime eventually arrives, and now with only two days before the ceremony, where both the princesses and Lady Royals will be crowned, Miss Privet announces that the girls will get to spend another one of their table manners classes within the palace this time. Blair, Hadley and Isla go with their sprites (along with the rest of their fellow students) to pamper themselves within the school spa as a preparatory treat, while Dame Devin secretly instructs Wickellia to rip up the girls' uniforms (which they are not allowed within any class without). Meanwhile, Isla and Hadley continue to tell Blair more legends about the Royal Family, including one about Gardenia's magic crown, which lights up when put upon the head of the rightful heir to the throne.
The girls head back to their room to find it in shambles, and their uniforms torn to shreds. As both Isla and Hadley lament over the fact that they cannot attend class without them on, and that missing any class will result within an automatic failure, Blair, having now grown a bit more confident over time, creates some new, personalized uniforms using leftover fabric from the old ones.
Having just made it to the palace in time, Blair, Isla, Hadley, and the rest of the students are awarded a bit of free time to explore the first floor before the start of class. While doing so, the trio mysteriously find a portrait of Blair, which actually turns out to be the then Princess Isabella, when she was eighteen-years-old, a year older than Blair. The girls then see a portrait of the entire Royal Family: Queen Isabella, her husband, King Reginald, a puppy which Blair is stunned to realize is actually Prince, the dog, and a young baby girl in the Queen's arms.
Upon further inspection of the portrait, Hadley and Isla begin to surmise that perhaps Blair could be the baby from the picture, and proceed to ask her when exactly it was that her mother had found her as a baby. Blair reveals the date to be April 26th, a date which had also become her birthday when her mother find her on her doorstep, as she didn't know when Blair was actually born. Stunned, however now more convinced than ever that their suspicions are correct, both Isla and Hadley reveal to Blair that April 26th was the very same day that the Royal Family had perished within their car accident. They go on to say that they believe that perhaps Princess Sophia hadn't died with the King and Queen, after all, but rather had been found and left in front of somebody else's door to be raised.
This hypothesis also makes them realize that this was the most probable reason why Dame Devin and Delancy have continually been so unfair to Blair, because she and Princess Sophia are one in the same and thus, is the rightful heir to the throne of Gardenia. Unbeknownst to the trio, Delancy has eavesdropped upon the entire conversation, and promptly becomes disturbed by the news, as her mother had never told her these things.
Later on at class, Dame Devin reveals to her students her intentions for Gardenia (which she passes off as Delancy's) once her daughter is made princess: to bulldoze the beggared areas of the land and create parks in their place, in order to make the overall kingdom more beautiful. Blair is shocked by this, and informs her that her family lives there, but Dame Devin heartlessly remarks that she should then leave the school immediately in order to move her family to a new home in time, not at all caring that such an act would be impossible for them, as they have no money. Blair looks at Delancy, trying to talk to her to see sense, but Delancy remains silent, though she is herself worried about what her mother will do further when she is a princess.
Blair runs away in her room, feeling utterly broken and defeated. She does as Dame Devin had instructed and packs up her belongings in order to leave the school once and for all; however, upon gazing at her sister Emily's sent drawing once more, decides to stay and to finally fight back.
Meeting back up with Hadley and Isla, Blair informs them that she intends to locate the magical crown so that she can use it to prove that she is the rightful heir, and thus successfully stop Dame Devin and Delancy's plans from coming true. Her friends naturally volunteer to help, and so the trio then plan to go back to the palace later that night to search for it, before the graduation and coronation the following day.
That evening, before the girls can leave, a fire alarm suddenly goes off. The students all go outside accordingly, while Dame Devin secretly places three pieces of her jewelery within Blair, Hadley and Isla's dorm room in order to implicate them and finally have them expelled. Delancy sees her leaving the room and becomes suspicious, but her mother quickly changes the subject by asking her why she suddenly has a customized uniform like Blair and her friends, to which Delancy coolly explains it's simply because she likes the way it looks.
A little more than half an hour later, the students can finally go back into their rooms, but Blair, Isla and Hadley are abruptly stopped by a guard, Dame Devin, and Miss Privet. They are then accused of stealing Dame Devin's jewelery, about which they naturally dispute. However, upon searching their dorm room, the guard successfully locates each missing valuable.
The girls are then to be detained until after the coronation ceremony; however, while the guard is taking them away, Delancy suddenly approaches and stops him, claiming that she wishes to carry out their punishment herself (and as she is to be princess within just a few hours, she says, he will have to follow her orders). At first hesitant to listen to her, every student within attendance witnesses and she hesitantly asks Blair if she truly is Princess Sophia, to which Blair responds that she believes she is. Delancy then quickly hands over a map of the palace basement where the magical crown can be located, further revealing to them that she is assisting their efforts because she wants to do what is right for the kingdom. Before parting ways, she also tells them she will leave a window open on the third floor of the palace for them to enter through, and then runs off back to her room, as her mother believes her to already be asleep.
Blair, Hadley and Isla head back to the palace, and find Prince thankfully distracting another guard for them. They then use a rope from their bag to climb up to the third floor window, before then taking an elevator inside to the basement. Hadley notices devices on the walls within the room, and recognizes them as laser alarms, whose beams are invisible and will set off its detection if any are stepped through. And so Blair carefully blows a bit of makeup powder towards the lasers in order to make them become visible. Hadley, the most athletic of the three, utilizes some of her impressive gymnastics abilities in order to bypass the beams and make it to the other side, while both Blair and Isla make a far more slower trek across, with some help from Grace.
Once there, there is a keypad which needs a password to unlock a vault door, most probably where the magical crown is being held, so they try the date of Delancy's coronation. It is incorrect, however, and so they use the password hint ("The day it all fell into place") to figure out the real password. They then try the date of the car crash and it works. Inside the room are several of Dame Devin's possessions. Blair and her friends find the magical crown, but Dame Devin finds them, and makes Brock, her guard, seize the crown from them. She then changes the password, with Isla memorizing the tune of the pressed buttons, and locks them inside of the vault.
The girls are stuck within the vault for several hours, right up to when the coronation begins and Delancy becomes moments away from being officially crowned. Seeing that they have yet to arrive, she figures out how to stall the proceedings while Blair and her friends try to find a way to escape. Isla, meanwhile, keeps humming the tune of the keypad buttons, and Hadley, who had been attempting to pry open the vault doors with a sword she had found, accidentally knocks the cover off a nearby box of electrical wires.
Seeing this and realizing that it is most likely connected to the vault's stored password, they wire up Blair's phone to the keypad to use her phone buttons to enter the password from inside of the room. Isla, having memorized the new password, she carefully hums out the tune before entering it onto the phone. Successful, they finally make their hurried escape.
The girls arrive at the graduation ceremony just in time, and Blair confidently makes an open claim to the throne, stating that she is Princess Sophia. Emily and her mother, who are watching the action at the TV, gasped in shock.
The royal judge, who crowns the princesses and Lady Royals, takes Blair seriously, but Dame Devin, now furious, tries to stop her. They begin to fight over the crown, before Delancy manages to catch it and then has to decide whether to give it to her mother or to Blair. In the end, she chose to give it to Blair, and when she puts it on, it immediately illuminates and transforms her appearance magically, to look more like a princess.
Dame Devin, amidst her outrage, exclaims that she eliminated Queen Isabella just so that Delancy could be the princess, instead, and thus is arrested, while a disheartened Delancy watches on as she gets dragged away. At Miss Privet's prompting, Blair makes a quick, introductory speech, telling the people of Gardania that she is honored to be their princess. Miss Privet then tells her that now is the time when she must select a Lady Royal, and Blair, feeling sympathy for Delancy for helping her so much in this mission, chooses her, who is delighted and then crowned.
Later that evening, at the graduation party, everyone dances to Isla's one of her finally revealed songs, "We Rule This School," which she also DJs for. Even Miss Privet dances along with her students, while the now Prince Nicholas arrives and meets up with Blair again. He states that he is unsure of whether to call her Blair or Princess Sophia, but she assures him that she wants to continue going by the name "Blair."
The new Lady Royal, Delancy, then announces that the Princess has some special visitors, which are revealed to be Emily and her mother. Blair welcomes them to their "new home". Emily then asks Blair if, since Blair is now a princess, does that also make her one, as well. Blair warmly tells her: "Of course; there's a princess in every girl," before stating that she wishes to introduce both she and their mother to everyone.
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